Job: Consultant for Children’s Bereavement Services

Request from Scyatta Wallace, PhD, Department of Psychology, St. John’s University:

A consultant is needed to assist with a project to examine need for children’s bereavement/grief services in NYC. The study will examine the potential disconnect between need (e.g., number of NYC children who are bereaved) versus available services. One aspect of the project is to understand and assess the financial structure for these services. Below are the specific questions to answer with this analysis:

  • what models do existing providers use for financing bereavement and mental health services in the NY metro area
  • are there models used elsewhere nationwide that could be applicable to the New York City area
  • what are the possible reimbursement and funding options for bereavement services
  • what is required to implement these with regard to different systems of care, e.g. included but not limited to type of setting, organization, funding, fee structure: For profit, Non profit, Public, Private, City, state, Mental health, primary health, education, Client pay, medical insurance reimbursement, grant, foundation revenue

We are recruiting a consultant for this aspect of the project. There is a consultant fee that we have available. Our timeline is fairly quick, in that we would need the analysis completed by this Summer due to funding constraints. For further information please contact Robin Goodman, Ph.D, (212-388-1599).


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