Fellowship: Baltimore Community Fellowship Program

Baltimore Community Fellowship Program

Sponsor:          Open Society Foundations

SYNOPSIS:  Up to 12 individuals are awarded a Baltimore Community
Fellowship to implement innovative projects that seek to improve the
circumstances and capacity of an underserved community in Baltimore

Deadline(s):      03/03/2014 

Contact:          Emily Smith                                                                                         

Address:          Baltimore Community Fellowship Program
                  201 North Charles Street 
                  Suite 1300 
                  Baltimore, MD 21201      
Web Site: 	http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/sites/default/files/fellowship-application-20140106.pdf
Program URL:	 http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/grants/baltimore-community-fellowships
Tel:              410-234-1091                  
Fax:              410-234-2816        

All letters of inquiry are due by Monday, March 3, 2014. OSI will
invite those applicants chosen for further consideration to develop a
more detailed proposal in May 2014.  Applicants chosen to continue to
the next stage will have six weeks to submit a full proposal.

Award Type(s):    Fellowship

Citizenship/Country of Applying Institution: 
                  Any/No Restrictions

Target Group(s):  NONE
Funding Limit:    $60,000   
Duration:         18 MONTHS
Indirect Costs:   Unspecified
Cost Sharing:     No
Sponsor Type:     Non-Profit Organizations

Geo. Restricted:  NO RESTRICTIONS                                         

OBJECTIVES:  The Baltimore Community Fellowships Program was
established to assist individuals wishing to apply their education,
life experiences and professional experiences to serve marginalized
communities. The goals of these fellowships are to encourage public
and community service careers, expand the number of mentors and role
models available to youth in inner-city neighborhoods, and promote
entrepreneurial initiatives that empower communities to increase
opportunities and improve the quality of life for their residents.
Applicants may either apply for a fellowship:  1) to work under
the auspices of a nonprofit organization in Baltimore City; or,
  2) to work independently. In cases where the fellowship takes
place at an organization in Baltimore, applicants must secure
sponsorship from that organization. The applicant’s project must be
harmonious with the mission of the host organization.  Projects
may be in the areas of: arts and culture; Black male achievement;
civil liberties/legal rights; community empowerment; drug addiction
treatment; economic justice/empowerment; education; health; housing;
media; youth development; and other. 

 Applicants may come from any field, including—but not limited
to—business, management,the arts, law, medicine, education,
architecture, and engineering. Individuals from underserved communities
and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants need
not be from Baltimore City, but should be knowledgeable about social
and economic justice issues affecting Baltimore’s communities.
Individuals currently receiving wages or a salary to undertake the
proposed project are not eligible to apply. 

 Fellowship awards are in the amount of $60,000 for a term of 18
months. Other entities, including the host organization, may augment
the stipend. The Baltimore Community Fellowships Program may provide
limited relief for graduate school debt payments on a case-by-case
basis. The host organization is expected to provide the fellow medical
benefits and work space and support overhead costs as necessary.

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