Call for Concept Proposals: Action Research

Title: Call for Concept Proposals: Action

Sponsor: Sociological Initiatives Foundation

SYNOPSIS: The Sociological Initiatives Foundation is dedicated
to the belief that research and action are intrinsically inseparable.
The Foundation invites concept proposals for projects that link an
explicit research design to a concrete social action strategy.
Projects should also have clear social change goals.

Deadline(s): 08/15/2014
Contact: Prentice Zinn, Administrator

Address: GMA Foundations
77 Summer Street, Suite 800
Boston, MA 02110-1006
Web Site:

Program URL:
Tel: 617-391-3091

Award Type(s): General Project
Research Grants/R & D

OBJECTIVES: SIF funds projects in the areas of civic
participation, community organizing, crime and law, education, health,
housing, immigration, labor organizing, and language/literacy.

Examples of desired applicants are: academic-community
partnerships; advocacy or community groups that conduct research that
can withstand challenge in academic and policy arenas; and academics
that organize or link to a constituency through their research.

The grant amount is from $10,000 to $20,000. Projects typically
take two years.


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