U.S. Census Bureau vacancies

The US Census Bureau has several vacancies that will be filled through a GS-1530 Vacancy Announcement. http://www.census.gov/hrd/www/jobs/ssdmstat.html

Among the types of individuals being sought are Social Scientist or Linguist:


– The incumbent must be fully bilingual (comparable to a native speaker) in Spanish and English and must have excellent speaking, writing and reading skills in these languages. Fluency in additional languages aside from Spanish also of interest.

– The incumbent possesses an ability to apply knowledge of linguistics to converse and translate fluently from Spanish into English and from English into Spanish and accurately reflect the intent and meaning of the original material. Comparable knowledge of other non-English languages also of interest.

– The incumbent has knowledge of one or more of the behavioral or social sciences, with in-depth knowledge of the language issues such as bilingualism, linguistic isolation, language socialization, language choice in various interaction venues, or language policy are essential for conduct of this research.
– The incumbent has experience with application of social science and/or linguistic concepts to the field of survey methodology.


– The incumbent conducts research with particular focus on social factors in the use of both English and Spanish language in the questionnaire development process, including issues of design and implementation. Research with other non-English languages also of interest.

– The incumbent plans and carries out questionnaire pretesting, including such methods as cognitive interviewing, focus groups, behavior coding or other appropriate methods to which the incumbent’s expertise is relevant.

– The incumbent participates in other methodological research conducted by the Center for Survey Measurement to investigate and identify solutions to nonsampling errors in surveys conducted by the Census Bureau.

– The incumbent reports the results of the research to ensure both the improvement of Census Bureau survey products and to advance knowledge in the survey research field generally.


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