Request for Proposals – Transformative Experience and Sociology

Transformative Experience and Sociology

When and why do people have experiences that transform them? Sociologists have long been interested in how social institutions such as religion, family, and social class influence individual experience. Existing sociological work also suggests that experiences in institutions like religion, politics, and social movements can fundamentally change people’s self-conceptions and core preferences. Our goals are to explore how people select into or find themselves in contexts that facilitate these transformations and to investigate their short- and long-term consequences.

Request for Proposals

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Notre Dame, with
generous support from The John Templeton Foundation, invite proposals on transformative
experience for “The Sociology of Transformative Experience” funding initiative. Our aim is to

encourage research from both new and established scholars working on sociological projects
related to transformative experience, as defined below. We encourage sociologists from any
subfield of the discipline to apply. Interdisciplinary teams that include members from other

areas, especially psychology, philosophy or theology, are encouraged but not required. We plan
to fund a mix of both disciplinary and interdisciplinary projects. Interdisciplinary projects that
have investigators from more than one discipline are invited to submit funding inquiries to all

relevant project requests for proposals.

See: for more information.


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