Past Awardees

William Foote Whyte Award

2014 Herbert J. Gans for his lifetime of research and writing that communicates to broader audiences an understanding of both the current social fabric of American society, and possibilities for a more equitable future
2013 Rosabeth M. Kanter, Ernest L. Arbuckle Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and Chair and Director of the Harvard University Advanced Leadership Initiative.
2012 Robert Groves, Director of the US Census, Research Professor at University of Michigan and University of Maryland, and incoming Provost of Georgetown University
2011 Leora Lawton, President of TechSociety Research in Berkeley CA, Executive Director of the Berkeley Population Center and member of the Sociology Department at the University of California, Berkeley
2011 Thomas F. Pettigrew, Research Professor of Social Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz
2010 Dr. Henry J. Steadman, President, Policy Research Associates, Inc.
2009 Dr. Kristin Moore, Child Trends.
2008 Professor J. Steven Picou, University of South Alabama.
2007 Professor Robert Bullard, Ware Professor of Sociology and Director of the Environmental Juistice Resource Center at Clark Atlanta University.
2006 Dr. Barbara Altman, Distinguished Consultant Appointee as Special Assistant for Disability Statistics at the National Center for Health Statistics.
2005 Professor Severyn Bruyn, Emeritus, Department of Sociology, Boston College.
2004 Professor Charles Vert Willie, Emeritus, Harvard University.
2003 Dr. Judith Cook, Professor of Sociology in Psychiatry and Director of the Mental Health Services Research Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
2002 Julia Mayo, St. Vincent’s Catholic Medical Centers
2001 Stephen F. Steele, Anne Arundel Community College and Applied Data Associates
2000 Lewis Yablonsky, California State University, Northridge
1999 Donald Light, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
1998 Ross Koppel, University of Pennsylvania
1996 William Foote Whyte, Cornell University
1994 Ronnie J. Steinberg, Temple University
1993 Robert Dentler, University of Massachusetts-Boston (emeritus)
1992 David J. Kallen, Michigan State University
1989 Albert Gollin, Newspaper Advertising Bureau
1987 Katrina Johnson, NIH
1986 Arthur B. Shostak, Drexel University
1985 Anne Knettles McCarrick, Medical College of Virginia
1983 Jack Riley, retired; Matilda White Riley, NIH

Student Award

2014 Amanda L. Freeman, Department of Sociology, Boston College and David M. Ciplet Department of Sociology, Brown University

2013 Sharon Jank, Department of Sociology, Stanford University; Lindsay Owens, Department of Sociology, Stanford University. Honorable Mention: Brad R. Fulton, Department of Sociology, Duke University; Tressie McMillan Cottom, Department of Sociology, Emory University
2012 Oren Pizmony-Levy and Kathleen Oberlin, Indiana University – Bloomington
2011 Tracy Perkins, University of California at Santa Cruz
2010 Esteban Calvo, Harvard School of Public Health (with Natalia Sarkisian, Boston College), for their work and paper Retirement and Well-being: Examining the Characteristics of Life Course Transitions
2010 Charles Varner and Cristobal Young Department of Sociology, Princeton University, for their paper, Millionaire Migration and the State Taxation of Top Incomes: Evidence from New Jersey
2009 Lou Jacobson, Humboldt State University, California, for his work on motivations and decision-making processes for adopting energy-efficient products.
2008 Becky Hsu, Princeton University, for her work on the use of microcredit in China to alleviate poverty.
2007 Darren Noy for his work “Principles for Organic Public Sociology: Reflections on publicly engaged research in the San Francisco homeless policy field”
2006 Antoinette Swayne-Kohlman, Alliant International University.
2005 Dolores Forbes-Edelen
2004 Nancy Wong
2002 Kirsten Sletten, St. Cloud State University
2001 Emily Sama Martin, University of Pennsylvania
1999 Megan Cross, University of San Diego
1998 Teri Kepner, Society for Applied Sociology
1996 Gary David, Wayne State University
1989 Shari Williams, Temple University