Duties of Elected Officers

All Officers work toward “provid[ing] a forum for sociologists working in diverse applied settings, e.g., industry, government, higher education, voluntary associations or as solo practitioners; and to increase understanding of the relationship between sociological practice and sociological knowledge” (Article I of Section By-Laws).


  • Represents the Section to ASA Executive Office and Council, and at Meeting of Section Officers
  • Oversees budget
  • Chairs annual Section Council and Business meetings
  • Appoints all committees
  • Chairs Awards Committee*

Chair Elect

  • Serves on the Section Council
  • Assumes duties of the Chair in the latter’s absence or incapacity
  • Responsible for reception at the Annual Meeting
  • Chairs the Program Committee
  • Organizes reviews of paper submissions for current year ASA meeting*

Past Chair

  • Serves on the Section Council
  • Submits annual report on the Section to ASA Executive Office within 6 weeks after
  • the annual meeting (outgoing chair)
  • Chairs the Committee on Nominations


  • Serves on the Section Council
  • Prepares minutes of the Section’s annual Council and Business meeting.
  • Oversees special elections (e.g., changes in By-laws).
  • Provides Council with copies of the By-laws.
  • Authorizes expenditures of the Section’s funds (e.g., cash award to Student Practitioner Awardee) and provides annual budgetary report.

First Year Council Representatives

  • Serve on the Section Council
  • Sit on the Program Committee to design and organize at least one Session, including Special or Thematic Sessions, or Workshop for the next two annual meetings

Second Year Council Representatives

  • Sit on the Communications Committee, and will write at least one piece for the Newsletter, and/or solicit other pieces
  • Sit on the Nominations Committee and assist in finding a suitable slate for all positions

Third Year Council Representatives

  • Sit on the Awards Committee

*not specified in by-laws

Updated January 2012, adapted from Duties of Elected Officers